Aug 26

3 Unavoidable Equipments for Rugby Players

Do you love a sport which has speed and reflex movements? Soccer is definitely the first thought that will come to your mind. But there is yet another exciting game, better known as contact sport, which none other than Rugby. One will be amazed to know, after FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics, Rugby World cup is the third most watched sporting event in the world.

This is a perfect blend of speed, hard hitting of American football, running of soccer and transition of basketball. Being a game, where 30 players are trying to break the physical obstacles created by opponent team, knocks and punches are like part and parcel of it. Therefore, participating in a match without the proper equipments is like a challenge, which you must not take if you want to play rugby in the coming years.

Here are the basic rugby equipments that you must have to play this sport.

rugby 2


Rugby is a game where players literally pull one another to get a grip on the ball. Hence, the jerseys need to be good enough to take the blows. These are usually light in weight and specially designed to stand up to tugging and rough play. Tight fittings wear are never used due to the risks of ripping. The shorts, on the other hand, must not be too loose and it should be well-stitched because the players are often hoisted in the air by their shorts at the time of line out.

Head Gear

From full-backs to loose-fitting props, head gears of rugby players may vary, but you cannot ignore this equipment, if you want to stay unharmed in this contact sport. Cranial comfort is significant because there are always chances of sudden blows on head from any direction. Rugby is a sport where you are bound to have injuries but that must not be severe ones, especially on delicate region like head.


Boots is yet another important element of rugby equipments. Initially, these were very similar to football boots. But today you will find comfortable and high cut designs to give extra support to the ankles of the players. You need to select type and nature of the boot depending on your position, shape of feet and running style.

You can opt for minimal equipment to play but it is always suggested to put on the right equipment for safety, because the chances of injury are very high.

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