May 25

Afghanistan in Scotland ODI Series, 2016

The Afghanistan national cricket team will be touring Scotland this summer for just two games ahead of travelling to Ireland for a tour of five games. This is the second time this year that these two, mid-table ranking international sides have come together after Scotland took a battering from Afghanistan at the ICC World Twenty20 in India at the beginning of the year.

The Fixtures

The Afghanistan team will arrive in early July ahead of its first game against Scotland. The first of two One Day Internationals will take place on Monday the 4th of July 2016. The second game will be played on Wednesday the 6th July. Both games will take place at the Grange Cricket Club in Edinburgh. The Afghanistan team won’t be putting away its cricket clothing for long, however, as a more lengthy tour of Ireland begins just a few days later on Sunday the 10th. Throughout July, they will face Ireland a total of five times, all for One Day Internationals on the 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th and 19th of July. All Ireland games will take place at the Civil Service Cricket Club in Belfast.

Afghanistan vs Scotland

The two sides have faced each other quite recently as part of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 in India in February, where they found themselves in the same group at the early stages. Afghanistan saw off Scotland by 14 runs and went on to win the table. They were knocked out by Sri Lanka in the next stage, however. Whilst Afghanistan is four positions ahead of Scotland in the ICC World Twenty20 Ranking, they are the only one of the two teams to be on the top ten rankings leaderboard for the ODI rankings, two places ahead of Ireland.

A month later in August, Scotland takes on the UAE at home for the ICC League Championship before hosting Hong Kong for two matches in September.

All eyes will be on Afghanistan this summer in Scotland to see if they can have the same victory over Scotland that they had in India on Scottish soil this time around.

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