Apr 29

Are your cricket shoes putting you on the back foot?

These days, there is such a big range of shoes for cricket that it can be hard to know where to begin. Should you get bowling boots, full-spike, half-spike, multi-spike or rubber shoes? Often it will come down to personal preference, but here are a few areas to consider before you buy your new shoes.

What type of ground do you play on?

You should choose your shoe according to the type of surface on which you play. Spiked shoes are ideal for playing on soft ground, whereas pimpled rubber soles work better on hard ground.

The more spikes that you have, the more grip you’ll have on the surface, which can be both good and bad! While this makes you less likely to slip and fall, you could also end up getting your foot caught and turn your knee or ankle.

Rubber cricket shoes are the most like trainers of all cricket footwear. They are designed for lightweight performance on hard surfaces. If your sports facility does not allow spikes or you play on an artificial surface, these will be your best option.

What type of player are you?

Batters usually prefer half spikes bearing spikes at the front for grip with rubber-treaded heels. Doing away with heel spikes reduces weight and improves the comfort of the shoe.

Bowlers, on the other hand, usually use full spikes for the extra stability they give. Full spike cricket shoes or boots have spikes at the front and back and have extra support around the ankle.

Other players can go with whatever option is most comfortable. If you are more of an all-rounder, a multi-function shoe, the multi spike, may be the best purchase. These allow the swapping of traditional steel spikes, which offer the greatest grip, with plastic stud-like replacements for use in drier conditions.

Ultimately, the surface you play on and the position you play in should be the key factors in your choice of cricket shoe. Remember that the most important things to look for are comfort and grip; appearance should be secondary!

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