Jun 24

Batting Gloves Aren’t Just About Fashion: They’re About Safety

The death of Phil Hughes in 2014 was a shock to the cricketing world and a wake-up call to players across the globe, who realised the important role that kit can have in keeping you safe. A good-quality pair of cricket gloves should not only look good and feel great, but they should improve your game and keep you safe from harm too.

Above all, whatever level of the game you play at, you should never skimp on the quality of the protective equipment that you use. A quality pair of batting gloves is as important for keeping you safe while you’re playing as a helmet, pads or an abdominal guard.

Things to Look Out For

First of all, don’t buy blind. Seek some recommendations from fellow players who you respect, read a few reviews and – if it’s at all possible – go to a respected retailer and try on some alternatives to get a feel for what suits you. Gloves come in a variety of styles and fits, and it’s important that yours are comfortable and fit well.

Different features to look out for include: the material that the cushioning is made from, usually cotton or foam; the type of leather used on the palm; sweat absorption and breathability; the level of grip and quality of the finger casings (especially important for preventing broken fingers); whether they are lightweight; and whether the gloves have protective sidebars which help to prevent broken bones in the hand.

You Don’t Need to Break the Bank

Getting good-quality cricket gloves doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Yes, it’s true that you do get what you pay for, and good-quality gloves are going to cost you a little bit more. However, once you’ve done your shopping around and decided which gloves are for you, there are plenty of online and other discount retailers where you can order your new gloves. They often come at a huge discount compared to what you would pay on the high street or in specialist sports shops.

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