Aug 26

Branded Rugby Gear from Morrant

You can play rugby in two ways:

  • Just for fun
  • As a pro

As for the first one, it is totally your choice whether you want to buy rugby equipments or not. However, you still need to buy the ball that can last for long and branded product is always the ideal choice. And if you really care for safety, Morrant is the website for you! But for the second set of players, getting the best and popular gears for this contact sport is obligatory. There are quite a large number of equipments that should be taken into account to stay safe.

rugby equiment

There are a number of online rugby stores that offer you sports gear, but there are some features that keep Morrant ahead of the others. We specialise in team sports for over 38 years. Since, 1973, the company offers latest products from the leading manufacturers at the best possible prices.

Here are some of the popular rugby brands whose products are available at our store.


Established in 1823, Gilbert is sports equipments manufacturing company specialised in rugby balls. The company has been official partner for a number of rugby matches at international level. Gilbert is the ball supplier of Rugby World Cup 2015. Over the years, the company has brought major changes in the development of balls. These are hand stitched, durable, well-shaped and perfect for rugby matches.


If you are wondering about a brand that can offer you best clothing for rugby, then KooGa will be your ideal choice. You can buy their products from our website for instance jackets, shirts, hoody, rugby training pants, team wear shirts and layering. KooGa offers comfortable wear that allows players to practice or make movements easily. Since 1997, the company has been striving hard to offer rugby clothing accessories as well as protection gears to players around the world.


Sports equipment remains incomplete without having a product from Adidas, the world class sportswear manufacturer. Protect your head by selecting the right head guard that provides you comfort and protection while practicing or playing a match.

Apart from these, Morrant offers many other branded rugby products, which you can buy online from our e-store. So, gear up and kickoff the next match!

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