Dec 19

Can You Match Record-Breaker Haseeb?

Hammad said he was delighted to be making his debut in Gujarat, where his parents were born before emigrating to Lancashire. It’s the same state his brother was married in last week, but Hammad couldn’t attend as he was training in Mumbai.

So what makes a great batsman? And how can you hope to emulate the likes of Compton and Hammad?

Survival Instinct

First, you need a killer survival instinct and great technique. You’ll need to go out there and face the bowling attack at its freshest, and it takes guts to survive. As a great opening batsman, you need to relish the challenge.

Don’t Let the Bowlers Settle

If you can take any runs going, then you can keep rotating strike – there’s no more effective tactic for unsettling the opposition’s strike force. Good communication is key – in fact, it should become so automatic that words become unnecessary.

Don’t Throw Your Wicket Away

Once you’ve done all the hard work of bedding in, you can afford to get a little more expansive with your stroke play. But don’t give the bowlers an opportunity for a cheap wicket – technique is key to striking a good balance between run rate and survival.

Be Patient

You’ll need all your wits and bravery about you to be an effective opening batsman. Pace yourself and build a solid innings – the pressure is on, so you need to be able to handle it.

Practise, Practise, Practise

Put yourself under match conditions by getting in the nets first and facing the freshest bowlers with their hardest, fastest and trickiest deliveries. Work on your straight shots first, and train yourself to know when to play and when to leave. The most effective way to practise this is to get in the nets with your strike partner and do bowling machine drills.

Look the Part

You’re the first at the crease, so you need to look the part. There’s no point carrying your kit in that battered old bag – find cricket bags for sale and smarten up your look and your attitude.

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