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Feb 16

An introduction to the hockey stick and information on other equipment required

Are you thinking about taking up hockey? This is a sport that is played in schools, universities, and sports clubs up and down the country. However, before you get started, you need to have a basic understanding of the essential hockey equipment. With that being said, below we are going to introduce you to the …

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Dec 10

Hollie Webb a rising hockey star in 2016

During the build-up to the Hockey World Cup League Finals, Danny Kerry, Head Coach of the England Women’s team, has gone on record singing the praises of the player Hollie Webb. Danny Kerry is of the opinion that the League Finals will prove an ideal opportunity for Hollie, a Belpher team regular who is just …

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Sep 14

Hockey Goalie Equipment that are a must for a Goaltender


What are the essential equipment for a hockey goalie? It is important for a hockey player or one who will start practicing to know this. The equipment need to protect the goalie and also help him from preventing the puck enter the goal. With some searching (and definitely online research), it is possible to know …

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