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Apr 28

Why Is a Rugby Ball Not Round?

Think of a ball game and each one has something in common: football, golf, cricket, snooker – they’re all played with a round ball. Of course, rugby fans across the world are now shouting, “Not rugby! Their ball isn’t round!” So why the exception? Why doesn’t rugby use a spherical ball? The Oval Ball Rugby …

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Mar 22

European Football Championship 2016

It’s certainly an interesting time to be a football fan. The upsets in the English Premier League saw the mighty fall and some new blood rise to recognition. The winter-spring excitement of the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues followed, and the summer is set to keep the pace going with the Euro 2016 Championship. British …

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Sep 14

Finding Quality Cricket Gear for a better Performance

As a cricket player it is important to buy the suitable equipment. A player is unable to deliver his best performance unless he has proper equipment. And he can also get serious injuries that occur while playing cricket. Given below are some useful tips for acquiring the right gear for cricket. Buying Cricket gear from …

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