Oct 13

England Fans Warn Against Travel to Bangladesh in Support of Cricket Tour

The colourful group of supporters, known the world over for their partisan chants and overt support, has suggested that travel to Bangladesh would be just a step too far. The Barmy Army is warning that the current political situation in the country is too risky currently, though they would reconsider their position if they were to organise a fans’ tour that would be given the same security as the players themselves.

No Interest

Support for travel is limited amongst fans given the national security concerns, and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has suggested that there may yet be players who opt out. Selection has not yet been made, but the ECB Director of Cricket, Andrew Strauss, is under no illusion that security concerns might yet play havoc with selection decisions.

Strauss has allowed all players the chance to consider the risks and implications of both travelling and remaining behind. Some players have come out on both sides already, ahead of the official squad announcement on 16 September. The captain of the limited-overs team, Eoin Morgan, has put himself on the side of the cautious and has stated that he is glad of the additional time to make this important decision.

Real Concerns

The England tour, which is made up of three one-day internationals and two Test matches, starts on 7 October and passes through Dhaka, where a hostage incident in July saw 20 deaths.

The Barmy Army’s stance is that if there is enough of a concern to warrant additional security measures for the team, there should be the same security given to those travelling to Bangladesh in support. Without these measures, they believe, it is simply too risky to go, though they advise visiting the Foreign Office website for the most up-to-date information and intelligence.

The current risk is said to be “heightened” – this is the same level given for London and many other European destinations. The advice is to avoid large crowds and areas that Westerners are known to congregate in.

An option for the non-travelling Barmy Army would be to buy cricket batting gloves online and make the most of the long-promised Indian summer this year!

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