May 02

Getting Involved in Sport

The Olympic Games are an opportunity to showcase some of the world’s best sporting talent. What the Games’ organisers also want is to increase participation in sport and encourage people to try. While you might think you need lots of kit such as boots, hockey shoes and team kit, these are not essential to begin with, so there has never been an easier time to get into sport. Here we look at how you can get involved.

While most team sports are associated with being at school, the number of adults participating in sports such as netball, football, hockey and rugby is increasing. As well as taking part, a large number of adults, most of them parents, are giving up their time in the evenings and at weekends to help coach or train young people in team sports.

Coaching Team Sport

If you want to get involved on the coaching side, then choose a sport you are good at or know about and get in touch with your local club or league for that particular sport. If you are going to be involved in voluntary coaching, it may be necessary to go on some coaching courses, and you will also need to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check, even if your child is one of those you are coaching.

Playing Team Sport

The sports that are most enjoyed and played by adults are those that most people played at school. These include hockey, netball, rugby, football and cricket. Word-of-mouth is a good way to get started, but most clubs will have a website or membership officer. Also look out for taster sessions if it is a sport you haven’t played for a while. Most clubs operate at different levels, so even if you are a beginner and don’t have your own kit, hockey shoes or cricket whites, you can still involved.

This should have encouraged you to either take a sport up again that you haven’t played in a while or to get involved in a different way by coaching or helping out at a sports club.

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