Oct 17

Guide to Buying the Right Cricket Bat

The right cricket bat will help you enormously on the pitch, but when buying cricket bats online you can’t always get a feel for them as you would in a store. Not to worry, though, as with our simple guide to shopping for cricket bats online, you’ll know what you need without having to leave your house.


Cricket bats are made from willow – either English or Indian. The grade of willow ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best. As a basic rule, the more advanced the level that you play at, the higher the grade you should go for. Those playing cricket for fun can go for the lower-grade willows, whilst those playing professional cricket will always need the highest grade only.


Unfortunately, size does matter, and getting the cricket bat size correct will help enormously. The correct size doesn’t just apply to whether you get a junior or senior bat – within those categories size and weight can differ enormously. This cricket bat size guide from Morrant – http://www.morrant.com/Portals/1/user/sizeGuide/Batsizes.pdf – will make it easy to find the right size for you.

Trusted Manufacturer

It’s advisable to buy a bat from a trusted retailer that stocks only reputable manufacturers. Top brands in cricket bat manufacture include Gray Nicholls, Kookaburra, Gunn and Moore and also well-known general-purpose sports brands such as Puma or Adidas.


When buying your cricket bat, there are a number of accessories you may want to consider which can protect the bat and help you maintain it, ensuring it lasts longer. Cricket bat covers are a must for many cricketers as a simple way to protect the bat from dust, damp and the elements in general. If you’ve opted for a high-end cricket bat, it makes sense to keep it as safe as possible with a padded cricket bat cover. You can also protect your bat by purchasing a toe protector which is fixed to the very bottom of the bat or anti-scuff sheet. In terms of maintenance, a conditioning oil or wax will protect the willow for longer.

As you can see, choosing the best bat in terms of looking at size, manufacturer and willow grade is only half the decision process. You then need to consider accessories such as protectors, covers and maintenance in order to make sure you keep your bat tip-top condition.

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