Oct 06

Historic hockey victory aims to inspire a new generation of players

The women of Team GB’s hockey team walked away from the Rio Olympics in 2016 with a first gold medal in hockey for Great Britain after beating the Netherlands in a dramatic penalty shootout. Winning gold was the end of a journey that saw the team win bronze at London 2012 and reunite with coach Danny Kerry in 2014. The team used a sports psychologist to help them get mentally prepared for Rio, while funding from the UK Lottery and sponsorship means that most of the team are now playing professional hockey full-time.

Inspiration for the future

One of the main aims of the team is to try to increase participation in hockey at the grassroots level. Whether you are already playing at school and want to play more or you haven’t played since school and would like to take it up again, now is the perfect time. Even if your child is at primary school and has taken an interest in the sport, it is never too early to start playing. Great Britain is also hosting the Hockey World Cup in 2018, which should encourage even more interest in the sport.

How you can get involved

If the winning ways of Team GB’s women’s hockey team have inspired you and you are looking to start playing again or try it for the first time, the best way to take up the sport is to find your local hockey club. You might even be able to do a “taster” session to see if it is the right sport for you.

If you decide you like the sport, you will need to invest in some equipment. Most of what you need is readily available on the internet or on the high street. You can even buy hockey sticks online.

Hopefully, Team GB’s hockey success at the Olympics has inspired you to return to hockey or have a go at it for the first time. There is no better way to grow as an individual than by playing a team sport and getting involved.

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