Sep 14

Hockey Goalie Equipment that are a must for a Goaltender

What are the essential equipment for a hockey goalie? It is important for a hockey player or one who will start practicing to know this. The equipment need to protect the goalie and also help him from preventing the puck enter the goal. With some searching (and definitely online research), it is possible to know of the stores that specialize in these equipment. You can easily find out the stores that are the best in different parts of UK. In these stores a goalie can find (and also know of) the essential equipment for playing well and safely.

For a goalie, it is crucial to protect his arm and chest. These not just protect the mentioned body parts from getting bruised but they also protect lungs, ribs and the heart from any damage. Hockey can get a little rough while playing and here are chances of getting hurt in these parts. If proper protection is not provided it is possible to acquire grave injuries. These are majorly caused when the puck flies into the goal at around the speed of 70 – 90 miles per hour. A lot of chest and arm protectors are made with foam padding and nylon binding. The arm pads have an outer shell with pads at shoulders and caps for reinforcement for elbows.

Similarly, leg pads are used for protecting legs, especially the knees from injuries that are caused by the puck. It also protects the goalie from sudden strikes or falls. Along with protection, these also help in better movement at the time of playing. The goalie gloves are important too, since these not just protect but also help in catching the puck. It is wise to buy these equipment from a good store or brands that are known worldwide. These are effective for blocking the puck as well since these are sturdy and durable. Along with these a mesh netted pocket is also useful since it helps in catching the puck without much difficulty. The hockey stick for a goalie should be thicker at the end so that it effectively blocks the puck.

While you know of the important hockey goalie equipment and where to get these, you must also know of your role very well. Goalies have much responsibility at the time of a game since they are the last person to prevent opposing team’s puck.

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