May 06

How Important are Helmets in Amateur and Children’s Cricket?

In any physical sporting activity, accidents can happen. Usually the injuries are low level and do not disrupt play, but in some incidents, the injuries can be life-changing or even life-ending. Fortunately, we live in a time where safety has never been more important.

Cricket is a sport that is enjoyed at all levels, whether it is a village game on the green or a test match at Lords, but the risk of head injuries remains the same.

Amateur Cricket

Amateur cricket tends to be less well-regulated, and the decision about wearing protection is very much left to the participant. Cricket helmets are advised for the top three opening bats as they will be facing the opening bowlers of the opposition. It is very much a personal decision, but as a batsplayer, you may not know what type of bowler you’re up against. Wearing a helmet ensures that if you get caught, you are much less likely to receive a nasty injury. If you are fielding close to the batsplayer, a helmet is also recommended. Although some feel it hinders quick reactions, plenty of players find the helmet provides extra confidence

Junior Cricket

For juniors starting out, cricket helmets are also advised. For those in the nets practising shots, balls can fly at you from all angles, so you need to be prepared for a hit to the head just as much as any other part of your body. Injuries are much less likely in junior cricket, but wearing a helmet from a young age helps establish good habits for the future safety of cricket.

Choosing the Right Helmet

Deciding on the right helmet is a difficult decision. Some argue that budget should not factor when deciding on the correct type of head protection. However, it depends on the position you intend to play as different helmets may be suitable for different roles. The best way to choose is to go to a specialist shop and speak to an expert to get the appropriate helmet in the correct size.

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