Aug 26

How to buy the Best Cricket Equipment in UK?

For any cricket player (beginner or professional), it is important to have the right equipment. No player is able to perform well if he isn’t armed with equipment that suits his personal style. With proper search, you can come across the right stores (online as well) for equipment in UK. The search for right gear or equipment for cricket begins with bats. While buying a bat, make sure its size and grip is perfect for your batting style. It is important to know of the construction and make sure it isn’t more than 38 inches. A good cricket bat will be expensive since nearly 20 separate canes are used. These are with rubber layers and together they act as shock absorbers.

cricket equipment
Gloves are supposed to just fit and never be tight otherwise it can be painful while batting. Gloves that are loose or the seams inside are not good should be discarded. A player can also use inner gloves that are made of cotton blend. This increases the comfort level for the player. Gloves need padding as well, though the player should know how much he requires on the basis of his hand movement speed. Bowlers need protection from balls coming with a high speed. They may need extra padding, definitely of higher quality.

Another essential gear is helmet. This is required for protection and a good and suitable helmet is a smart purchase. A cricketer has chances of serious head injuries. This can occur even from a fielder throwing the ball from boundary and if the target is missed. A good helmet will never make you feel bulky. It will enable easy movement and while the front grill can affect the vision, it isn’t harmful. A player can see the ball very well.

The cricket ball is important without which the game can never take place. These balls are either machine made or handmade. Brands like Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra and others are known for the excellent quality of cricket balls in UK.  A cricket ball’s centre part is made of cork which comes from the Oak tree.

You can learn more from coaches and cricket experts who can help in finding the best cricket equipment in UK.

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