Aug 24

How to Buy the Right Hockey Shoes Online

Even though many of the artificial surfaces you’ll play on will have shock pads built into them, the constant strain you put your body under will take its toll. That’s why getting shoes with the right shock absorption is essential. Because you’ll constantly be stopping and starting and moving from side to side in a game of hockey, you’ll also need shoes that help provide stability throughout your matches and training.

Ultimately, the shoes you select will affect your game and your health. Choose correctly and you’ll find yourself comfortable, stable and less prone to injuries. Here are just some of the things you should be considering when buying hockey shoes online.

Your Foot Type

The best way to find out what your foot type is is to look at your current shoes to see where they’re wearing. If the wear is on the inside of the shoe, then it’s likely that you have a low arch, which is incredibly common. You should, therefore, be wearing a shoe that has a straight shape and has motion control. This will help to stop your feet from rolling too far.

If you have wear to the outside of your shoe, this means you have a high arch, which is the second most common type of foot shape. You’ll require shoes with a curved shape to support this arch, as well as ones that offer additional cushioning.

Only 10% of people (approximately) have a normal arch to their foot, and these will find that the shoe has worn evenly on both sides. If this is the case, a semi-curved shoe will be required and one that offers additional stability.

The Right Grip

You’ll also need to find a shoe that offers the right amount of grip. If it has too much, you won’t be able to move as easily, as you’ll stick to the surface. But if there isn’t enough, you may find yourself slipping over, particularly when you change direction suddenly.

For grass, opt for shoes with blades or rubber moulded studs; and for synthetic surfaces, choose a multiple-studded rubber sole that’s firm.

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