Nov 28

Keep your head during 2016 England versus India Test Series

Health and safety

As always in international cricket, the health and safety of the players will be at the forefront of the organisers’ minds, as both teams prepare to meet at Rajkot for the first of five matches taking place throughout November and December 2016. Every world class cricket player, as well as those aspiring Alastair Cooks and Ben Ducketts who play locally every Sunday, or in the back garden with their granddads, needs the appropriate kit, to provide important protection and also comfort and durability whilst playing.

To be protected from a speeding cricket ball or a high flying bat can be a matter of life of death – a scenario made all too real by the high-profile deaths of cricketers since the introduction of the game in the 18th century. The cricketers kit generally includes cricket boxes, thigh guards, arm guards and body protectors, but without a doubt, the most important piece of equipment is the helmet.

Protection, design and durability

Cricket helmets online are competitively priced and are available in various materials, including titanium, steel, carbon fibre and fibreglass. They cover masterclass, elite, test-opener and icon styles. Available in mini, junior and senior sizes in blue, black or dark grey, it’s important to select the correct size so the helmet fits snugly. Measuring the head will provide accurate sizing requirements and a helmet with a strong, adjustable chin strap can make sure that whether the helmet is for a small boy, a youth or a large man, it will provide the necessary padding and security.

Ergonomically designed to provide comfort and withstand shock, modern cricket helmets can offer excellent ventilation and they also feature removable inserts, so you can tailor the helmet specifically to your needs. So, as you and your loved ones settle down to watch the England and India cricket teams lock horns to see who can perform the best on the international stage, you can be safe in the knowledge that the cricket helmet you purchased online can only add to your enjoyment of the sport.

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