Oct 14

Know what type of Rugby Boots are Ideal for you

Rugby is a type of sport that not only requires strength but also speed and skill – and these are developed with time and practice. A very important equipment that is required by the players is definitely the boots, also the one that can be quite expensive. Players will require support and stability and the footwear should be able to provide them with these. Thus it is imperative to select the right pair of boots for the player. Boots improve power and comfort level of the player and also protect his feet while playing. Any rugby match will need a lot of running and kicking, for which boots are essential since these can withstand the physical stress of it.

These boots appear to be similar to that of soccer boots. There is however an exception that there is a high cut design found in boots for rugby. This is meant for extra support for the ankle and protection for a larger area of the foot. The boots also have toe-boxes that are quite deep for the purpose of protecting toes as well as soles. To further stabilize the heels, the boot heel is also covered with special cups. These boots can be categorised on the basis of the materials that are used for their upper parts. For instance the leather boots have the uppers that are made of pure leather. A lot of players prefer boots made of kangaroo leather since these are soft and hence exclusive.

For players or the ones who can’t afford real leather, there are stores with alternatives like the synthetic boots. The uppers of these rugby boots are made of materials that are synthetic and hence are cheaper and lighter than the ones made of leather. These offer protection even when the weather condition is extreme. As for durability, these are sturdy and hold resistance to moisture. Such boots are often advised for the basic level players. There is also a categorisation based on the soles. The moulded ones have moulded or permanent studs. These are mostly used on the hard or natural grounds while the ones studded with rubber are meant for dry surfaces.

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