Jul 14

New Zealand in Zimbabwe Test Series, 2016

The New Zealand cricket team will be playing two Test matches in Zimbabwe, in late July and early August 2016. Both matches will be played at Bulawayo’s Queens Sports Club.

There is currently civil unrest in Zimbabwe, with nationwide protests and strikes taking place. New Zealand Cricket (NZC) is monitoring the situation, but has no plans to delay or cancel the team’s departure for the series later this month.

The New Zealand team are currently at home, and will prepare themselves for the Tests against Zimbabwe at a team camp in Pretoria, South Africa. They have no plans to delay their arrival at the South African camp where they are scheduled to arrive on July 11th. The team will keep a close eye on the social unrest in Zimbabwe from there.

Match dates

NZC are scheduled to arrive in Zimbabwe in time to compete in a three-day warm-up game, commencing July 22nd in Harare, before the two Test matches are played between July 28th and August 10th.

Boost in popularity

Sales of cricket bats online always soar during Test matches, as interest increases worldwide. No matter which teams are playing, International Test matches draw spectators from all across the world and the desire for amateurs to go out and play cricket peaks during these matches.

Zimbabwe strikes

The Zimbabwean nationwide strike to protest about unpaid wages and lack of jobs took place on July 6th, leaving many city streets deserted. Security forces and taxi drivers clashed over issues of extortion in Harare, leading to numerous arrests. Many other strikes featuring teachers, doctors and civil servants have also taken place. The deteriorating economic situation in Zimbabwe has led to riots, with reports of protesters throwing stones at police and police responding with tear gas.

While the NZC team have been advised to be cautious while visiting Zimbabwe, they do not have any plans to delay their arrival there. NZC toured Zimbabwe in August 2015 for a short limited-overs series and experienced no trouble. India also recently toured Zimbabwe for three Twenty20 Internationals and three One-Day Internationals, all of which went smoothly.

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