Aug 17

Pakistan in England ODI Series, 2016

We’re still in the midst of the test series, and England have built a substantial lead over Pakistan, pulling ahead 2-1 from the first three of four bouts. With an overall lead of 396 runs, England are going into the ODIs with a well-earned amount of confidence, and a victory in the fourth and final test could put them at the top of the Test rankings. England are definitely on form, with legend in the making Joe Root picking up his sixth Test ‘man of the match’ award in the second test against Pakistan. Pakistan have no doubt been studying, though, and they know what to expect now. With each match played, things get a little harder. Yasir Shah caused a sufficient amount of trouble in the first test. It seems the England team have adapted to the troublesome leg spinner, but we’re sure he has a few more tricks or spins up his sleeve.

Tests vs ODIs

Test cricket is essentially a completely different game from the ODI, and it’s uncertain who the faster pace will favour; both teams have had a chance to feel each other out a fair bit, and it will be extremely interesting watching them collide after a brief respite. If England can keep up their current form, it’s sure to be something of a spectacle, but we’re sure Pakistan will make a few plays of there own. There’s always something appealing about underdog victories. England’s own win in the third test was all the more impressive due to the fact that they were trailing by 103 after the first innings. It’s only the sixth time in history they’ve picked up victory after a deficit of 100 or more.

Ups and Downs 

The calibre of play at the moment is a beauty to behold, and the ups and downs have been a joy to watch. There’s never been a better time to take up a bat, so grab your cricket helmets online, pick up your wickets and get excited. We still have one more match to go in the test series starting Thursday before we dive head first into the ODIs on the 24th of August at The Rose Bowl in Southampton.

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