Nov 26

Play Protected with the Right Kind of Cricket Gears

For the viewers, cricket is slow paced game which goes on for hours and with few periodic breaks for tea and lunch. However, the reality is a bit different and this sport is actually quite dangerous. The fast approaching leather ball can be fatal for a person who gets hit in the wrong place. Bones can break along with providing internal injuries. Therefore, it is essential for the players to wear the good quality protective gears in order to play protected. Let us now see some of the cricket gears which are a must buy for all the players worldwide.

• Boots

Cricket boots are an essential part of the game and these are generally classified under the label of ‘cricket clothing’. It keeps the players injury free by slowing the impact of a fast delivery stride. It is vital for every bowler to wear the right kind of cricket boots which will provide them with the best of support and cushioning and keep their feet safe from any kind of severe hurt. These are essential for the batsmen as well. While batting, the boots provide fast impact protection to the toes. Therefore, boots are important for both the batsmen and bowlers while playing cricket.

• Chest Guards

The chest is probably the most important part of the body and it should be protected from the impact of any kind of approaching injuries. All the vital organs are in this part of the body and hence, the cricketers should buy good chest guards to be safe while playing. The ball can anytime hit unexpectedly on the chest and cause health issues to the player. So, a chest guard is a must!

• Pads

Pads are really essential for giving the players the confidence to stand behind the line of the ball and also to play in an orthodox manner. The pads, however, should not be uncomfortable to wear. And the players need to make sure that they can run easily while the pads are on. Buying the right kind of pad, of the correct size and weight is necessary. Also, the players need to ensure that the straps are of appropriate length. They shouldn’t be loose or else the pads can easily come out while running.

• Cricket Whites

These are the white tee-shirts and pants which the players wear during the match. Proper fitting of the garments is essential for making the players comfortable in the field. Various brands now offer cricket whites of good quality. It is important to buy only the branded ones as it ensures durability and comfort.

For all the cricketers worldwide, it is important to wear the right kind of cricket clothing in order to be protected in the field as well as to look good. These days, with the advent of the internet, buying the right kind of cricket gear is easy with the various online sites. However, make sure that the website you are buying the gears from is a reputed one. Happy shopping!

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