May 18

Staying Safe in Sport

Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned professional, safety in sport is essential. It protects the longevity of your playing career as well as your physical health. Staying safe can also mean that you perform more effectively, with fewer worries and distractions. Whatever your level and however ambitious your goals are in sport, it is important not to skip the basics. Attention to detail is often what creates good habits. And good habits facilitate any talent and natural ability we have. Before beginning in sport or continuing our fitness journey, we should observe this essential checklist.

Warm-up and Cool-down

Our bodies perform better when they are well prepared. In the case of sport, this means having an effective warm-up routine to facilitate speed, movement and coordination. A cool-down routine then helps us to prevent injury by stretching the muscles, rotating the joints and eliminating toxins such as lactic acid that can cause pain and stiffness. We can research warm-up routines that are specific to our discipline too. If we are a tennis player, for example, we may wish to stretch our spine and shoulders. If we run, we should pay special attention to our calves and hamstrings.

The Correct Equipment

Once we have adequately prepared our body, we should turn our attention to equipment. Durable, appropriate protection is key for performance and safety. Cricket players should invest in shin guards or batting pads, for example. Batting pads prevent serious injury from a fast ball. Similar safety principles can be applied to other sports such as hockey and lacrosse. We should pay attention to our safety, whatever our sport, and invest in good footwear for our specific discipline too.

Good Instruction

Where possible, seeking out good instruction early in our sporting career is a great investment in our performance. We can join a local club or gym. Many people who are serious about their sport may even choose to take courses to receive top-level tuition from experienced instructors.

Experienced coaches are able to minimise bad habits, build upon strengths and prevent many future problems from arising.

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