Nov 26

Top 3 Must-Buy Protective Rugby Equipments for Professionals

Rugby has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. And this has increased the demand of good quality rugby equipments. The young generation have shown great interest in the game. However, there is no denying of the fact that rugby is actually an interesting game to be played worldwide. But one should never ignore the fact that it is physically challenging too. In case you are an aspiring rugby player, there are certain equipments for the game which you must buy. Make sure that you purchase these from a reputed store to ensure safety and durability.

Let us now see what the top 3 must-have protective rugby gears for the players are!

  • Head Guard

Rugby players need to run around the field and hence, they have a chance of falling down on the ground and hit their heads real hard. And head injuries are quite common in the game. So, these head gears are made to protect the head of the players and nullify the damages which otherwise might be caused. These are in the form of helmets and it comes with foam padding inside for an enhanced protection. However, it is advisable for all the players to buy branded head gears only.

  • Shoulder Guard

This is another very important protective gear for the rugby players. These are the shoulder guards which are won inside the vests and are meant to provide protection to the upper back as well as the shoulder of the player. The shoulder are of these guards are made with a special high density clothing to offer expert protection.

  • Protecting Vests

Finally, the protective gears are very much important for the rugby players. These are made up of stretched nylons and these vests are meant to provide protection to the sternum areas and the shoulder of the player. The good quality protective vests absolutely hug the body of the player optimally and enable them to breathe during the game. Playing rugby is strenuous and it makes the player sweat a lot. Wearing these vests helps controlling the sweat inside thereby making the players comfortable while playing.

All these protective gears are a must but you must be thinking about how to avail them. Do your bit of research and get hold of the same to buy the rugby equipment of your choice.

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