Sep 14

What are the Basic Rugby Equipment that you must have

People mostly prefer to take up the game of rugby, either as a hobby or for a professional. If you have decided so, it is required for you to know of the equipment required for the sport. Rugby was never a gentleman’s game – it is where tact and physical strength does everything. A match can get quite grisly and more than one or two players can get small injuries. However to prevent bigger injuries and provide players with comfort, proper protection is needed. This is possible with the help of the basic equipment and also others that act as protective gear.

It is only with the protective kit, a player can play safely. For a beginner it is important to know of the various equipment that are required for a safe rugby match.

Rugby shorts: The shorts can be quite loose and have a waist that is elastic by nature. There is a cord tied to this. These are meant to be hardwearing since the players have to spend much time on the floor and on ground during the matches.

Rugby gloves: Gloves are meant for both the junior and senior level players in rugby. The gloves have a rough underside. This helps in better gripping of the ball. Along with this the gloves provide further protection for the player’s hands.

Rugby boots: These boots are durable and hardwearing. The players are able to get proper support for ankle and feet at the time of playing. The boots have spikes at the bottom to provide extra grip to players. These are available from renowned brands like Adidas, Puma, Gray Nicholls and more.

Base layers: Base layers provide protection to the players’ bodies. One can find these on online stores as well.

There are more that are to be bought as well:

Head guards: Head guards are used by both the junior and senior players. These are available from brands that are popular across the globe. The superior quality foam padding protects the players’ heads from any injury.

Bags: Rugby bags are of different types. There are medical bags as well that are perfect for any first aid attention at the time of playing. The ball bags are for holding the rugby balls and there are backpacks for holding rugby clothes and other rugby equipment.

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