Dec 10

Will the West Indies face humiliation in the 2nd test at Melbourne

Can the West Indies save themselves from humiliation as they face world-dominators Australia in their second Test in Melbourne on Boxing Day?

West Indies face Australia for the first Test on the 9th of December in Hobart and then again on the 16th of December for the second Test in Melbourne. Australia are currently second in the table for the 2015/16 Test Series with a ranking score of 109 points, whilst West Indies are trailing in eighth place with a ranking of 76. The West Indies have seven games in hand, but is this enough to see them creep up that table? Essentially, during this second Test on the 26th December Australia will likely be playing a long-suffering West Indian team on home soil.

The Story So Far

When Australia toured the West Indies earlier in the year for the Frank Worrell Cup, the home team suffering embarrassing defeats across both test matches. Failure for West Indies was largely pinned on the dropping of top batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul to make way for younger players. But some analysts say that the defeat was due to a wider crisis in West Indies cricket which has seen the quality of play reduce dramatically over the last ten or fifteen years. Some commentators say this is due to a lack of new talent emerging as youngsters move towards a trend of choosing football.

West Indies’ Australia Tour

Having just suffered defeat in the Cricket Australia XI last week, West Indies don’t have a lot to look forward to for the rest of their Australia tour.

The second Test in Melbourne in late December will be a true test as they struggle once again to prove themselves. The outcome of the first Test next week will of course determine the course of the second. Bookies such as Paddy Power have announced odds for the first Test, with West Indies’ odds to win at 20/1. The squad is made up of mostly unheralded players as the big players are down for the T20s.

In the West Indies’ favour, Aussie all-stars Chris Rogers, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke and Brad Haddi are out of the squad.

It’s safe for almost every commentator to say that the West Indies will face some degree of humiliation in the second Test in Melbourne – it’s just a matter of how big that humiliation is. No doubt few fans are buying day five tickets, however.

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